Dunjee Houston wrote several volumes of the groundbreaking book, Wonderful Ethiopians of the Ancient Kushite Empire. Book I published in 1926 is entitled, Nations of the Cushite Empire (Marvelous Facts From Authentic Records). Until 2007, this was the only volume known until Book II was discovered and it is titled, Origin of Civilization from the Cushites. The other volumes await discovery. Dunjee Houston is one of the important African American writers on African civilizations in the 20th century. In Wonderful Ethiopians, Houston followed ancient Greco-Roman writers and prominent modern European writers to argue her point that Kush was the first advanced civilization on record. In Book I she stated, “Because of the great lapse of time, it seems almost impossible to locate the original seat of the old Ethiopian empire.” She added, “Modern books contain but little information about the country of the Upper Nile, but archaic books were full of the story of the wonderful Ethiopians.”

Dunjee Houston argued these main points: “The culture of Egypt did not originate in the lower Delta, but it was the Cushites who were the source and teacher of all what Egypt knew and transmitted to the Greeks and Romans.” That the “Ethiopian empire stretched far east to India,” and this black and dark pioneer race “lit the torch of art and science” and founders of cities and civilized life. She also echoed the Greco-Roman position that “all lands south of Egypt was known as Ethiopia.” Her final argument is that the main dynastic eras in ancient Egypt were all founded by Africans (4th, 12th, 18th), and when foreigners were in control of the culture there were always periods of decline. This latter astute comment is discussed below in the section on “The Chronology of Egypt.”


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