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Black Historians on Ancient Kush Archives - KNC

Yosef ben-Jochannan

Ben-Jochannan was the last “People’s Scholars” of Harlem, and many students and followers affectionately called the late scholar, “Dr. Ben.” He taught at City College in New York and at Cornell University from 1973 to 1987. He lectured widely throughout the U.S. and wrote numerous self-published monographs and books about religion, stone masonry, and ancient …

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Chancellor Williams

(Fair use image) Dr. Williams was an undergraduate student of William Leo Hansberry at Howard University. In 1935, Williams received his master’s degree in history from Howard and he later received a doctorate in sociology from American University, before joining the history faculty there in 1949. Following in the footsteps of Hansberry, in 1953 and …

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William Leo Hansberry

(Fair use image) Hansberry spent most of his professional career attempting to rescue African history from the denigrated status Europeans had established for it. He was fascinated by the obsession of the early writers with Ethiopia. He read Greek and Latin which allowed Hansberry to evaluate the primary sources and teach about the prominence of …

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Drusilla Dunjee Houston

(Fair use image) Dunjee Houston wrote several volumes of the groundbreaking book, Wonderful Ethiopians of the Ancient Kushite Empire. Book I published in 1926 is entitled, Nations of the Cushite Empire (Marvelous Facts From Authentic Records). Until 2007, this was the only volume known until Book II was discovered and it is titled, Origin of …

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Black Historians on Ancient Kush

There are several Black writers on ancient Kush (“Ethiopia”) who made important contributions to documenting and promoting the central role and primary place Kush has had as an influential African civilization. However, their writings are consistently ignored in mainstream academia and the press, even though their insights about the African origin and nature of ancient …

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