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Misleading “Black Pharaohs” Label

The Misleading “Black Pharaohs” Label (25th Dynasty) There is a major gap in knowledge about Kush and the other “southern lands” for over 700 years until the 8th century BCE, when Kushite kings emerged from the deep south area at Napata. They ruled a vast territory extending from central or southern Sudan to lower Nubia. …

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Royal City of Napata

Royal City Of Napata The 9th century BCE witnessed the emergence of the second, centralized kingdom within Kush at the capital city of Napata. This kingdom can be divided into two periods, the Napatan and the Meroitic, after their respective capitals. Napata is situated in the region around Gebel Barkal (“sacred mountain”) about 164 miles …

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Black Historians on Ancient Kush

There are several Black writers on ancient Kush (“Ethiopia”) who made important contributions to documenting and promoting the central role and primary place Kush has had as an influential African civilization. However, their writings are consistently ignored in mainstream academia and the press, even though their insights about the African origin and nature of ancient …

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Ancient Greek Writers On Ancient Kush

Ancient Greek Writers On Kush When the Greeks invaded Egypt under Alexander of Macedon (356-323 BCE) this marked the Greek period in Egyptian history. To learn about Egyptian culture and history, the Greeks consulted Egyptian priests and had documents translated into the Greek language. Thus, the Egyptian priest Manetho (c. 300 BCE) wrote Aegyptiaca (“History …

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4 Categories Of Information On Ancient Kush

4 Categories Of Information On Ancient Kush Our knowledge of ancient Kush comes from four categories of first-hand sources, namely Biblical evidence, ancient Egyptian records, archeological evidence, and Greco-Roman writers. The Biblical evidence is from the Book of Genesis (chapter 10 – “Table of Nations”), where Noah had three sons (Shem, Ham, Japheth), and his …

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Ancient Kush: An Introduction

Ancient Kush: An Introduction Ancient Kush is the least understood and most overlooked of Africa’s classical civilizations. It was once revered by the ancient Greeks as a civilization with an honorable reputation which invented astronomy, astrology, and religious ceremony. By the late 18th century, Kush had been all but forgotten, and today it is only …

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