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Black Historians on Ancient Kush - KNC

There are several Black writers on ancient Kush (“Ethiopia”) who made important contributions to documenting and promoting the central role and primary place Kush has had as an influential African civilization. However, their writings are consistently ignored in mainstream academia and the press, even though their insights about the African origin and nature of ancient Kushite and Egyptian civilizations hold important keys to understanding the foundation of Nile Valley civilizations. This is a brief summary of their contributions.

Black Writers On Ancient Kush

Dunjee Houston wrote several volumes of the groundbreaking book, Wonderful Ethiopians of the Ancient Kushite Empire


Hansberry spent most of his professional career attempting to rescue African history from the denigrated status Europeans had…


Chancellor Williams

(c. 1898 – 1992)

Dr. Williams was an undergraduate student of William Leo Hansberry at Howard University.  In 1935, Williams received his master’s degree in…


John G. Jackson


From the 1930s onward, Jackson associated with a number of Pan-Africanist historians, and published a number of books on…


Ben-Jochannan was the last “People’s Scholars” of Harlem, and many students and followers affectionately called the late scholar, “Dr. Ben.”…


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