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Nuraddin Abdulmannan - KNC

Hon. Nuraddin Abdulmannan

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Hon. Nuraddin Abdulmannan

TITLE: Former Sudanese Ambassador to the United States
SPECIALTY AREA:  Accredited Arabic and Nubian linguist.

PRESENTATION ABSTRACT:  Critical Mission to Preserve the Nubian Language from Cultural Cleansing

Sat., 10/02/21 • 9:30am est • Session B

Millions of Nubians in Sudan and Egypt speak the Nubian language, but it has not been written for centuries due to forcible and intentional systematic cultural cleansing. Historically, the governments of Sudan and Egypt have played a destructive role in marginalizing Nubian and other indigenous African languages by excluding them from their curricula and Arabizing the indigenous peoples to assimilate into Arab culture. The educational systems in these countries are focused on the spread of Islam and the Arabic language, while considering Nubian and other indigenous African languages and culture as obsolete, and primitive.

Egypt and Sudan are encouraged to look at the case of the Berber Amazigh, who succeeded in making their Tamazight language an official language in 2011, along with Arabic in Morocco and Algeria. The Nubian language should be recognized in the same way other African countries have recognized indigenous languages.

Hon. Nuraddin Abdulmannan Bio

Hon. Nuraddin Abdulmannan


Hon. Nuraddin Abdulmannan was born in Kulubnarti, Sudan in 1952. He earned a B.A. from the University of Khartoum, Sudan in 1974. He worked as a diplomat with Sudan’s Foreign Service from 1975 to 1989 on missions in India, Morocco/West Africa, Chad/Cameroon and the United States of America as an Ambassador. 

He founded/co-founded several organizations from 1991 – 2009, including the Nubia Project in 2008. He is a researcher, accredited Arabic and Nubian linguist, and a poet. He wrote, lectured in institutes and universities, and participated in international conferences and seminars on Nubia and Sudan.

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