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Naoyo Sekihiro - KNC

Prof. Naoyo Sekihiro

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Prof. Naoyo Sekihiro

TITLE:  Archaeological Director
Kyoto City Archaeological Research Institute
SPECIALTY AREA:  Educating Japanese on Sudanese history and culture.

PRESENTATION ABSTRACT:  Sudan Archaeology in Japan and Its Future in the World

Sat., 10/02/21 • 9:30am est • Session A

Prof. Naoyo Sekihiro’s first visit to the Republic of Sudan was in 2007 and this experience completely changed her view of Sudanese history. She recognized that Sudanese history and culture in Japan follows the same mainstream Western ideas that negatively characterize the civilizations in Sudan as simply the southern periphery of pharaonic Egypt. This leads Sekihiro to three points during her presentation: the definition of Sudanese archaeology, four technical terms (Kush, Nubia, 25th dynasty, and “Black pharaohs”), and the need to standardize these technical terms. Her presentation is to generate a discussion on the current state and future of Sudan archaeology in Japan, based on the outline of research and study about Sudan before 2007, and the exhibition of artifacts from Sudan in Japan. This presentation will shed light on how to better understand Nubia and Sudan in the world.

Prof. Naoyo Sekihiro Bio

Prof. Naoyo Sekihiro


Prof. Naoyo Sekihiro has worked as an administrative archaeologist and curator about 20 years, and she is the Archaeological Director at Kyoto City Archaeological Research Institute in Japan. Since 2007, she has worked to broaden the understanding of Sudanese history and culture by giving academic presentations, public lectures, and through the efforts of inviting tour exhibitions from the Sudan National Museum and Sudanese curators to a training course operated by the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

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