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Ahmed H. A. Adam - KNC

Dr. Ahmed H. A. Adam

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Dr. Ahmed H. A. Adam

TITLE: Associate Professor of Archaeology, University of Khartoum
SPECIALTY AREA: Archaeology.

PRESENTATION ABSTRACT: African Origin of Civilizations in Sudan

Fri., 10/01/21 • 11:15am est • Session B

The earliest inhabitants of what is now Sudan can be traced to African peoples who lived in the vicinity of Khartoum in Mesolithic times (Middle Stone Age; 30,000–20,000 BCE). They were hunters and gatherers who made pottery and (later) objects of sandstone. African people from what is now the Sahara began to move toward the Nile in Nubia by around 5000 BCE. They brought with them the art of making pottery. Originally herdsmen and hunters of large animals, they eventually became fishermen and farmers and most importantly bartered cattle, so that Sudan’s population was often a diverse mix of African peoples, as the river was a lifeline.

Most information about ancient Sudan comes from archaeological excavation and from the study of monuments and rock art found there. But the art and writing of Nubians and of African peoples contemporary with them also give important evidence.

Dr. Ahmed H. A. Adam Bio

Dr. Ahmed H. A. Adam


Dr. Ahmed Hussein Abdelrahman Adam is an Associate Professor in the Department of Archaeology at the University of Khartoum. His Masters and PhD. degrees are in Archaeology from the University of Khartoum. His postdoctoral studies include:

  • University of Exeter, UK – 2013
  • University of Cambridge – 2014
  • University of Humboldt, Germany – 2016

Dr. Adam is the Director of Suakin and the Red Sea Project for archaeological, ethnographical and cultural students. He is the Field Director of the Historic Town Project in Khandaq.

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