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Abdalla Alnoor - KNC

Dr. Abdalla Alnoor

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Dr. Abdalla Alnoor

TITLE: Professor of Archaeology
University of Gezira (Khartoum)
SPECIALTY AREA:  Archaeology.

PRESENTATION ABSTRACT: The Status of the Mother in Ancient Sudanese Civilization and Its Continuity

Fri., 10/01/21 • 1:15pm est • Session B

This presentation deals with the mother, in both her role in society and status in the family in the Sudanese civilization in different periods, especially the Napatan period and Islamic kingdoms in Sudan (such as Fung and Fur sultanates).

Ancient Sudanese inscriptions written in the Egyptian language indicate signs of sanctity of the relationship between children and mothers. In the 25th dynasty inscriptions of Taharqa (Kawa 5) and Napatan period inscription of Amani-Yenel (Anlamani) (Kawa 8) they appear in these inscriptions with their mother without the rest of the family. This may explain the position of women in general and the mother especially in the ancient Sudanese civilization.

In addition, I will take a model of Sudanese popular ritual of contemporary society and compare them with those ancient rituals which may add to understanding the role of the mother in the systematic sovereignty of Sudanese and the continuity of that status.

Dr. Abdalla Alnoor Bio

Dr. Abdalla Alnoor


Dr. Abdalla Alnoor was born in Sudan in 1991. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Archeology from Neelain University (2013), and a Master of Archeology in Ancient Egyptian Languages (2017).

He was Head of the Department of Archeology at the University of Gezira in Khartoum from November 2019 – June 2021. Currently, he is a professor of Archaeology at the University of Gezira, and a collaborating lecturer at the Universities of Neelain and Shendi.

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